Trending in 2020

Trending in 2020 will see patients demanding more natural and harmonised facial outcomes. There will be a focus on enhancing noses, foreheads, jawlines, chins, necks and temples. Invasive facial surgery will continue to decline as women seek out innovative scarless innovations. Patients continue to desire a more beautiful and rejuvenated appearance. It is often a…

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Suture Lifting and Liposculpture Integration in the Creation of Facial Esthetic Harmony

Youthful esthetic facial enhancement can be created with natural and scarless outcomes if innovative and minimally invasive surgical principles are properly employed. Feminine facial beauty can be characterized through mathematical, geometric and architectural constructs. However it is the triad of esthetically revealed eyes, curvaceous undulating Click here to read the full article here

Visit to the clinic of Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr. Chedly Bouzouaya in Tunisia

I recently visited the clinic of Dr Chedly Bouzouaya in Tunisia ( , to personally undergo blepharoplasty surgery for correction of heavy eyelids. As Medical Dean of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery ( and I am passionate about innovative aesthetic surgical techniques and the training of future Australian cosmetic doctors. One may ask why…

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“Rheology—the study of flow-related properties—has been recognized for almost a century as being relevant to a number of fields, including materials science, geophysics and pharmaceutics. Rheologic theory and measurements are considered critical for the manufacture of topical medications, paints and inks, concrete and even chocolate”   Hema Sundaram, MD, FAAD Medical Director of Sundaram Dermatology,…

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Facial aesthetic key features are signified by beautiful eyes, cheeks and mouth along with a heart shaped face. Skin quality is fundamental but creating a beautiful face is a challenge that goes far beyond diminishing wrinkles. Contemporary cosmetic practitioners focus on these signifiers of facial beauty, improving them by “winding back the time” to recreate a more…

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Corporate Creeps

Corporate cosmetic clinics and franchise arrangements may soon dominate the marketplace for aesthetic treatments. Aggressive marketing while diminishing the real risks of treatment hallmarks the voracious drive to get the punters in the door. Once your are in the door upselling is name of the game. Unhappy with outcome? Well too bad-you didn’t you read the fine print…

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Filler Injection Techniques- A Significant Evolution

Filler techniques have evolved over the last 15 years. Gone are the days where fillers simply involved injections to corrected lines and folds. Contemporary application of fillers requires a far more advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology to aesthetically enhance the face. While each patient presentation has to assessed and treated in a bespoke approach,…

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Facial Involution-“Filliing” versus “Pulling”

As we age the skeleton and soft tissues involutes. So the underlying structural foundation of the face contracts leaving the skin to re-drape this deficient skeletal support. Until the advent of structural and contouring fillers plastic surgeons regularly excised skin (and some underlying tissue) and elevated the remaining skin, anchoring it front of and behind…

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