Filler Treatment Side Effects and Catastophes. Not as simple as it Appears!

The advertising makes it all look so easy and risk free. Well guess what-it’s not the case. Lumpy and poor aesthetic outcomes are very common with filler injections. Filler injections can also lead to severe skin loss requiring skin grafts and even blindness. It is very important that patients seeking fillers see experienced and well…

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Cosmetex 2014-“Blended Filler” Technique-a wonderful innovation!

Cosmetex 2014 was our annual 3 day cosmetic medical and surgical “jamboree” on the Gold Coast some 2 weeks ago now. Once again the star turn of the event was my colleague Dr. Arthur Swift! whom I have dubbed the “PHI Master” of Montreal, Canada for reasons that will apparent from the link. Dr. Swift…

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"Reputation Is Everything" & the Magic of the Multipotent Stem Cell in Fat.

When I commenced in this field of minimally invasive facial rejuvenation some medical colleagues remarked: “aren’t you frightened of treating faces in case something goes wrong?” The answer was then and remains: that I am not frightened but do take I take my work very seriously. Without any disrespected intended it should be understood that  an aesthetic facial procedure is…

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Suture/Thread Lifting Book Publication

I was delighted recently to be informed that a chapter I was invited to write was recently published in a book freely available online: Miniinvasive Face and Body Lifts – Closed Suture Lifts or Barbed Thread Lifts.  My chapter titled “Suture Lifting and Liposculpture Integration in the Creation of Facial Esthetic Harmony” can be reached by clicking on…

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Platelet Rich Plasma "Wow" Factor

A recent visit to attend the Biobridge congress in Venice  has convinced me of the potent advantages of using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in healing and rejuvenation aesthetic procedures.Some amazing outcomes are being achieved boosting healing in cases of bone, leg ulcers and damaged joints. There is little doubt that the improved outcomes that we are achieving with fat…

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Neck Liposculpture, Fat Transfer & Platelet Rich Plasma

I noted an article in one of those international airline magazines recently about people paying mega-bucks for “new” sensational non-invasive procedures like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) fortified fat transfer graft associated with suture face lifts. We have been performing these procedures for some years now and in fact performed the first PRP enriched facial fat…

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Beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand

I had the privilege of being an invited speaker at the annual meeting of the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine which was held last week in Queenstown NZ. The meeting was very informative with outstanding  guests speakers from as far away as Holland-Dr. Helga van den Elzen. & Professor Richard Boyd the stem cell scientist…

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New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine 2013 Conference

Very honoured to be invited as an international speaker and to conduct a workshop at the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine 2013 annual conference. subjects to present on include fat transfer grafting and neuromodulators in aesthetic enhancement.

Blepharoplasty Upper Eyelids Start to The Working Week

Love starting the week with a significant rejuvenating procedure like blepharoplasty upper lids. Only 5mls total of local anaesthesia used after careful marking of the upper lids. 2 hours later left the clinic with her husband driving her home. No pain, no fuss, no general anaesthesia and a new result already evident. All performed with almost bloodless radiofrequency…

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"A Wallet-Ectomy" The 11 most Overrated Cosmetic Procedures.

“A Wallet-Ectomy.” As cosmetic doctors we do get rather excited about promising advances in our field.Sadly however quite a significant number of such advances prove to be in the nature of ‘vendre un canard à moitié’ (to half-sell a duck)! The 11 Most Overrated Cosmetic Surgery Procedures from Allure magazine: