Neck Liposculpture, Fat Transfer & Platelet Rich Plasma

I noted an article in one of those international airline magazines recently about people paying mega-bucks for “new” sensational non-invasive procedures like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) fortified fat transfer graft associated with suture face lifts. We have been performing these procedures for some years now and in fact performed the first PRP enriched facial fat…

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Beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand

I had the privilege of being an invited speaker at the annual meeting of the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine which was held last week in Queenstown NZ. The meeting was very informative with outstanding  guests speakers from as far away as Holland-Dr. Helga van den Elzen. & Professor Richard Boyd the stem cell scientist…

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New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine 2013 Conference

Very honoured to be invited as an international speaker and to conduct a workshop at the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine 2013 annual conference. subjects to present on include fat transfer grafting and neuromodulators in aesthetic enhancement.

Blepharoplasty Upper Eyelids Start to The Working Week

Love starting the week with a significant rejuvenating procedure like blepharoplasty upper lids. Only 5mls total of local anaesthesia used after careful marking of the upper lids. 2 hours later left the clinic with her husband driving her home. No pain, no fuss, no general anaesthesia and a new result already evident. All performed with almost bloodless radiofrequency…

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"A Wallet-Ectomy" The 11 most Overrated Cosmetic Procedures.

“A Wallet-Ectomy.” As cosmetic doctors we do get rather excited about promising advances in our field.Sadly however quite a significant number of such advances prove to be in the nature of ‘vendre un canard à moitié’ (to half-sell a duck)! The 11 Most Overrated Cosmetic Surgery Procedures from Allure magazine:

Interviewed in the June edition of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine:

“There comes a time when you’ll have to choose between your rhymes-with-farce and your face, so the saying goes. That time is now, as the next big thing in facial filling doesn’t gel with single-digit body fat. ‘Autologous fat transfer facial filling’ uses fat from one part of your body – liposucked out of your…

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The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) Liposuction Workshops – May 2013, Sydney

According to our Regen  representative, we probably performed the first PRP enhanced fat graft (extracting abdominal fat and transfer grafting it into the face) in Australia and actually videoed that event. We did not fully appreciate the exciting future of this development in facial aesthetic enhancement practice. I had the pleasure of participating as one of  four trainers at the…

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News Releases – ASAPS Annual Meetings – ASAPS Press Center – Do Stem Cell Claims in Aesthetic Surgery Hold Up?

Do Stem Cell Claims in Aesthetic Surgery Hold Up?“There is a lot of marketing hype about the role of stem cells in aesthetic procedures,” said Dr. Singer of La Jolla, CA.  “We are hopeful that this is the next frontier, but, unfortunately, there is no current scientific evidence that stem cells improve aesthetic outcomes.”News Releases…

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"Professional Beauty Magazine" previews our Cosmetex 2013 Paper

“With Cosmetex just around the corner, here is a sneak peek of the talk “Blood, Sweat and Tear Troughs,” which Dr Ron Feiner and Dr Naomi McCullum will be presenting on Saturday 20 April,  2013”.

Hold the Muscle Relaxants!

Hold the Muscle Relaxants- (at least a little)! The gorgeously curvy, feminine and mega-talented Italian Mezzo Soprano Cecilia Bartoli could not achieve her exquisite & expressive musical heights if she was injudiciously injected with Muscle Relaxants. Natural beauty must last some degree of expression is important for communication and thankfully patient demands for rather naïve “no wrinkle” outcomes have finally plateaued over the last…

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