Interviewed in the June edition of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine:

“There comes a time when you’ll have to choose between your rhymes-with-farce and your face, so the saying goes. That time is now, as the next big thing in facial filling doesn’t gel with single-digit body fat. ‘Autologous fat transfer facial filling’ uses fat from one part of your body – liposucked out of your…

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The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) Liposuction Workshops – May 2013, Sydney

According to our Regen  representative, we probably performed the first PRP enhanced fat graft (extracting abdominal fat and transfer grafting it into the face) in Australia and actually videoed that event. We did not fully appreciate the exciting future of this development in facial aesthetic enhancement practice. I had the pleasure of participating as one of  four trainers at the…

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News Releases – ASAPS Annual Meetings – ASAPS Press Center – Do Stem Cell Claims in Aesthetic Surgery Hold Up?

Do Stem Cell Claims in Aesthetic Surgery Hold Up?“There is a lot of marketing hype about the role of stem cells in aesthetic procedures,” said Dr. Singer of La Jolla, CA.  “We are hopeful that this is the next frontier, but, unfortunately, there is no current scientific evidence that stem cells improve aesthetic outcomes.”News Releases…

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"Professional Beauty Magazine" previews our Cosmetex 2013 Paper

“With Cosmetex just around the corner, here is a sneak peek of the talk “Blood, Sweat and Tear Troughs,” which Dr Ron Feiner and Dr Naomi McCullum will be presenting on Saturday 20 April,  2013”.

Hold the Muscle Relaxants!

Hold the Muscle Relaxants- (at least a little)! The gorgeously curvy, feminine and mega-talented Italian Mezzo Soprano Cecilia Bartoli could not achieve her exquisite & expressive musical heights if she was injudiciously injected with Muscle Relaxants. Natural beauty must last some degree of expression is important for communication and thankfully patient demands for rather naïve “no wrinkle” outcomes have finally plateaued over the last…

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Upper Eyelid Reduction-"Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes….".

I see many cases of post upper eyelid reduction during my clinical week and find myself analysing post surgical outcomes. Some cases have merit with sparking natural results. Other cases demonstrate overly operated-on features such as hollowed out orbits and ridiculously manufactured and unnaturally high positioned lid creases. There is very little chance that these…

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Multiple 9 Yearly Facelifts-?Acceptable Contemporary ProceduralAesthetics??

I was surprised today to read about a study extolling the virtues of 2nd & even 3rd facelifts after the first lift being performed in the patients’ early 50s. Each facelift lasted some 9 years. In the era of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures it is extraordinary that some plastic surgeons should view this as an…

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A Smile Is The Shortest Distance Between Two People

A charming observation attributed to the wonderfully talented Danish/American pianist- comedian, the late Victor Borge  “A smile is the shortest distance between two people”. This epitomises what we strive to achieve with non or minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. In females a smiling face is more than the warm fulsome lips that we recreate with injectable…

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V>W=F (Volume creation more than wrinkle treatment =Femininity)

Attended 2 presentations in Sydney in the last week on injectables Excellent presenters Dr. Danny Vleggar (Switzerland) & Dr Glenn Murray (Perth) while demonstrating different injectable products both focused on Volumisation in preference to Wrinkle treatments in modern aesthetic facial rejuvenation. This trend to volumise rather than to “chase” wrinkles is completely correct in my opinion and is certainly …

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Tweaking Facial Rejuvenation with Muscle Relaxant Injections

Traditionally teaching encouraged cosmetic injectors to over-treat faces with muscle relaxants,  often resulting in cases of stunned and rather expressionless features. Add to that droopy brows, droopy cheeks, asymmetrical smiles diminishing character. Generally the effects are to be endured for some 3-4 months. The following celebrity examples attest to this unfortunate trend. For some years now many Australian injectors have appreciated that less…

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