Skin Health and Maintenence

As I reflect on this week’s consultations at our clinic I am impressed that skin health remains a fundamental point of discussion and enquiry. It is interesting that most patients volunteer that they “exfoliate and moisturise” but few apply active ingredients that actually improve skin quality. Vitamin A (Retinols) applied daily can dramatically rejuvenate skin. In my opinion creams containing Vitamin A should be part of every person’s daily skin regime.
I first met plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes in 2002 when he was on a lecture tour in Australia and have visited his clinic in Capetown, South Africa to observe both his cosmetic surgery techniques and skin treatments. Dr. Fernandes is a true pioneer in both skin treatment and minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery and it is worth listening to what he has to say in the following Y-Tube interview. It is also interesting to hear Dr. Fernandes speaking about the importance of vitamin D in general health and the wisdom of controlled (but not absolute) sun protection. These views are now accepted in contemporary medicine, as the fashion of overly obsessive sun avoidance has resulted in a near epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency. In years past this was unheard of our sun-drenched Australia.