A Revolution in Aesthetic Design. Beauty may well be "in the eye of the Beholder" but does the "Beholder" understand why?

Phi plastic surgery

“Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder” but does the “Beholder” understand why?

It is argued that beauty is an entirely personal or emotional interpretation.

Indeed all of us inherently recognise facial beauty.

However is is not generally appreciated that this recognition is founded on laws of nature related to mathematical dimensions and ratios known as PHI”.

There are certain characteristics in nature that are universally acknowledged to be aesthetically beautiful. This includes the face and is applicable across all ethnic boundaries. In fact such boundaries simply do not exist in this concept of beauty.

“Phi” is the basis for the “Golden Ratio” and in facial aesthetics it is truly an intriguing concept.

Managing facial aesthetics in a way comply with these mathematical laws of nature enables contemporary cosmetic practitioners to beautify the face in a manner that is far more effective than simply filling wrinkles or stretching a face surgically with face-lifting.

The “PHI” concept is a wonderful tool that  illustrates to patients how treatments (while individualised and adjusted) can conform to this universal beautification principle.