Art of Liposculpture

I was very fortunate to embrace liposculpture in 2002 under the special tutelage in Paris by the renown liposculpture pioneer Dr. Pierre Fournier
One of my Sydney colleagues summarises well the history and genesis of Liposculpture in the following link.
It should be appreciated that the art of  Liposculpture is literally dependent on sculpting the target fat deposits with various sizes of cannula instruments. In my opinion this fundamental concept in trained and experienced hands remains the gold standard for the attainment of pleasing outcomes. The art of Liposculpture cannot be copied or enhanced by the use of various heat technologies to melt or disrupt fat. Such technologies do not provide for true sculpting. Similarly a Michelangelo could not have carved his magnificent sculptures with a hot knife or blow torch! Despite all the hype and extravagant claims of skin tightening and alike by various manufacturers, the option of fat reduction using expensive laser, ultrasound and other  heat  technologies simply adds a layer of risk and expense without true benefit to the patient. An expensive machine does not necessarily improve the skills of the operator!