Beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand

I had the privilege of being an invited speaker at the annual meeting of the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine which was held last week in Queenstown NZ.

The meeting was very informative with outstanding  guests speakers from as far away as Holland-Dr. Helga van den Elzen. & Professor Richard Boyd the stem cell scientist and world authority from Monash University Victoria.

Excellent presentations were delivered from several other Australians & New Zealanders. It was my first visit to beautiful Queenstown but not my last. Just returned from the impressive Milford Sound which is of course part of a world heritage listed region

So what was the most ground breaking issue? Certainly Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSC)
It seem certain that in the next 5 years medical treatments (including cosmetic medicine and surgery) will
be increasingly addressed by the manipulation of stem cells to improve tissues and the body’s resistance against threats like viruses, resistant bacteria and markedly improve tissue health.
We have a very exciting time ahead in this regard.