Biological enhancement of PRP enriched Fat Grafting to the Cheeks

                                            Adult Stem Cell From Fat Tissue
For some years I have observed how many patients appear to develop a youthful blush after fat grafting to the cheeks has been performed. This occurs even more predictably since we introduced the patients own blood product platelet rich plasma (PRP) into the grafted fat before it is injected into the cheeks. This indicates that PRP admixed with fat has the capacity to rejuvenate your facial tissues and skin.

Naturally occurring stem cells in the fat are thought to be “switched on” by the PRP along with stimulation of the vascular supply to the regional tissues, biologically rejuvenating them.
Furthermore grafted fat has the capacity to integrate permanently and that means lasting results.
PRP is rich in a variety of natural growth factors that are known to be important in initiation and progression of wound healing. The process of passing the cannula with grafted fat grafted through the tissues creates the “wound environment” considered necessary for the PRP to work.
PRP is created at the commencement of the procedure, by drawing off  a 10mls syringe of blood from the arm (much the same as having blood taken for testing). The sample is then placed in a test tube and spun in a machine (centrifuged) to isolate a PRP layer in the tube.  This PRP drawn off and is added  to the fat just before injection grafting into the cheeks, providing a growth factor concentrate that enhances the viability and long term outcome of the newly created youthful cheek contour.
The other big bonus is that an average graft contains some 5-8mls of PRP enriched fat injected into each cheek and that is the equivalent of about $6000-$8000 worth of commercial fillers at about half the price (and often even less than that)!