Blepharoplasty Upper Eyelids Start to The Working Week

Love starting the week with a significant rejuvenating procedure like blepharoplasty upper lids.

Only 5mls total of local anaesthesia used after careful marking of the upper lids. 2 hours later left the clinic with her husband driving her home.

No pain, no fuss, no general anaesthesia and a new result already evident. All performed with almost bloodless radiofrequency energy incisions, excisions, tightening of the subcutaneous tissues and orbicularis oculi muscles. Skin incisions were closed with a very fine 6/0 grade suture.

Very happy patient already can view the initial outcome.

Pre-operative marking

IMG_8799 (1).JPG
Immediately post operation

1.4mm skin excised each upper eyelid and some fat as well.