Cosmetex 2014-“Blended Filler” Technique-a wonderful innovation!

Cosmetex 2014 was our annual 3 day cosmetic medical and surgical “jamboree” on the Gold Coast some 2 weeks ago now.

Once again the star turn of the event was my colleague Dr. Arthur Swift

whom I have dubbed the “PHI Master” of Montreal, Canada for reasons that will apparent from the link.

Dr. Swift is one of those rare surgeons, an innovator, who thinks outside the square, developing brilliant new minimally invasive techniques on a regular basis.

I studied Dr Swift’s new blend filler technique during the Cosmetex 2014 conference workshops and now incorporate them into my daily work.

What does this “blend filler” technique mean?

Essentially high quality hyaluronic  fillers are mixed with local anaesthesia and then injected into target area of the face (nose below) with a very tiny needle. The procedure is almost painless with instant and lasting outcomes. The case of the nose below was on one of our patients achieved with “blended hyaluronic” filler in a matter of minutes.