Cosmetex Cairns 2012 Conference

It is almost 2 weeks since our annual conference “Cosmetex”in Cairns.

It was great to experience the warmth of topical Queensland and the camaraderie of our colleagues.

At last I have found time to report on the conference for this blog. The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and its associate organisation the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia are to be congratulated for another huge and successful cosmetic medicine and surgery event that is without parallel in Australia. The inexorable drift towards minimally invasive therapies over traditional surgery continues with externally delivered, non-invasive fat reduction ultrasonic and freezing treatments emerging as alternatives to internal cannula liposculpture techniques.
However equipment remains very expensive and outcomes still rather modest at this stage.

A new potentially long acting soft tissue filler from Holland was launched that is claimed lasts up to 4 years in the most durable its formulations. This is a significant advance and may now set the pace for filler innovation and development. We look forward to see how this integrates into injection filler strategies.

Otherwise the conference seemed to reflect that experienced Australian cosmetic practitioners remain  at the top of their game and equal in knowledge, ability and skills to colleagues anywhere in the world.

This bodes well for our patients who can access the best and appropriate therapies right here in Australia without compromising quality of care as can be the case in overseas vacation treatments.