Cosmetic Physicians Society Australasia & Australasian College Cosmetic Surgery

The last few weeks have been eventful for me as I was elected to the medical council Australasian College Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS)  and I was also invited to speak on the topic of a new injecting system for facial fillers at the most recent meeting in Sydney of the ACCS & Cosmetic Physician’s Society Australasia (CPSA):

CPSA NSW & ACT CME Meeting plus ACCS Clinical Audits
Wednesday 7 September 2011
          Topics and Speakers:

Change starts here: The science behind HA injectables and new aesthetic trends from Europe:
          Silvia Scherer Managing Director Anteis Aesthetics

          Anteis Injecting System:
          Dr Ron Feiner

Educational events such as this always generates an exchange of ideas among colleagues and speakers, stimulating new ideas and directions in one’s own practice.

The Anteis firm in Switzerland have created outstandingly engineered filler products along with a brilliant injecting device for a seamless and more comfortable delivery of  injections via blunt ended needles.
The managing director of Anteis, scientist Ms. Silvia Scherer, spoke with authority on her firm’s outstanding scientific record and leading edge innovations in the field of injectable fillers.

I have been very impressed with the Anteis range of fillers for some years now and (unlike my experience with almost every other manufactured filler I have used) I have had  no significant complications with their product range. This is a very important issue, for as doctors we are ethically obliged to provide patients with the best outcome and
also the safest experience that we can personally deliver. An added bonus is that the Anteis range is of the highest scientific standard while  being cost effective.

This company has clearly worked very diligently to achieve the respected pharmacological standing it has attained and well deserves the accolades and awards that have been bestowed upon it.
Congratulations Anteis.