Facial aesthetic key features are signified by beautiful eyes, cheeks and mouth along with a heart shaped face.

Skin quality is fundamental but creating a beautiful face is a challenge that goes far beyond diminishing wrinkles.

Contemporary cosmetic practitioners focus on these signifiers of facial beauty, improving them by “winding back the time” to recreate a more youthful aesthetics
while maintaining the essence of the patient.
At COSMETICA Castle Hill our reputation is founded on this approach and it is why
patients from all over Sydney and beyond are attracted to our clinic,
seeking out beautiful but natural treatment outcomes.
Penelope Cruz is of course not one of our patients but her face features the triad of beautiful eyes, cheeks and mouth,
along with a youthful jawline, harmonious proportions and lovely curves.
Within the limitations of what can be achieved with each patient these are the facial signifiers we try to create that hallmark aesthetic female beauty.