Does Liposuction Get Rid of That Forever? More Like a Year, Study Suggests

Science Daily (May 29, 2011) has just reported a study suggesting that the return of fat after liposuction occurs after one year but is re-distributed elsewhere. The good news is that the new shape and contour of the treated area remains basically intact. So while the outcome of liposculpture surgery remains successful, the weight lost may recur. However it should be appreciated that the fat removed in a modestly overweight woman by an abdomen/flanks liposculpture is probably no more than 2 liters. This is the equivalent of only 2kg weight loss. Interestingly after liposculpture we observe that most women are motivated to maintain and stabilise their new weight loss advantage though fitness and sensible eating.
In essence liposculpture is an amazing way to re-contour troublesome areas but should not be seen as a procedure for a weight loss.