Excellent results depend more on the surgeon than the equipment

In cosmetic procedures, pleasing outcomes are achieved by the talented surgeon/proceduralist and not necessarily by the brand of equipment or product used. An excellent piano can enhance a great pianist’s performance. However a mediocre pianist cannot generate a great performance even on the best of pianos. Technology and pharmaceutical filler companies  may well claim that their particular laser or filler generates exceptional cosmetic results. The truth is that excellent outcomes are in the hands of the proceduralist. It follows that a talented proceduralist will utilise quality equipment and products to optimise creative efforts.
Patients understandably can fall prey to commercial hype about injectables, fillers and equipment.
However a syringe or two of the same filler can be used creatively for facial enhancement or injudiciously to the detriment of a face. It depends so much more on the ability and quality of the proceduralist rather than the claimed merits of the injectable product or equipment used.
It has become apparent that successful cosmetic outcomes are being achieved consistently by experienced “boutique” based proceduralists, where every patient is assessed and treated as an individual challenge. This is the artist’s studio rather than the factory floor sweatshop.
In my experience this standard is rarely seen in the outcomes of the cosmetic supermarket like clinics where time/profit work ratio standards rule.
Some cosmetic proceduralists  have achieved truly artisan levels of creativity in their minimally invasive work and deserve due recognition for their excellence. More about this in a future post.