Facial Involution-“Filliing” versus “Pulling”


As we age the skeleton and soft tissues involutes.

So the underlying structural foundation of the face contracts leaving the skin to re-drape this deficient skeletal support.

Until the advent of structural and contouring fillers plastic surgeons regularly excised skin (and some underlying tissue) and elevated the remaining skin, anchoring it front of and behind the ear. This often creates a smaller face with some degree of distortion and derangement. Thus a face lifted patient at times barely resembles their original youthful face.

Cosmetic proceduralists offer a more natural approach to facial aging by restoring youthful facial contours. This approach is minimally invasive with few side effects and risks.
At Cosmetica we use liposculpture and filler techniques that aim to restore the principles of the youthful face rather than create through more radical surgery a new and unfamiliar visage.