Generous Warm Lips

The lower third of the face is defined as the area immediately below the nose to the base of the chin.

In this region treating the lips in a manner that restores youthful definition and volume is the key target that can provide standout results.

The loss of volume and contour with lip ageing can impart an impression of unintended meanness or anger.
However restoration of lip volume and contour can reverse this tendency to convey a sense of warmth and generosity.

The reality is that we all tend to form an impression of people at least initially on their appearance and feminine attractiveness is founded on curvaceous form.

Last week I was watching the immortal movie classic “Casablanca” on TV and was once again moved by the captivating beauty of the female lead Ingrid Bergman.

Her beauty was characterised by an elegant screen persona complemented by her arresting femininity. Bergman was able to portray both strength and vulnerability into her character .

She had a striking face with a beautiful lip contour that added to the impression of a natural personal warmth. Her lips were well proportioned, curvaceous and balanced— an aesthetic we try to emulate in clinical practice.