Her Majesty The Queen-Could We Have Retarded The Aging Process?

With minimally invasive and non-invasive techniques it seems certain that the advanced changes of ageing in our lovely queen  (as seen  in the following inventive You Tube link) may have been retarded or minimised.

The Queen over time demonstrates the ageing phenomenon of tissue involution at all facial levels with bone loss, muscle loss, fat loss, sub-cutaneous tissue loss/laxity and skin thinning.

Naturally in the era of the Queen’s more youthful years only radical face lift surgery was available to her. Today we  would have had the opportunity to maintain her skin and volumise her soft tissue contraction with various fillers. Her lips would be injected with fillers to maintain their warmth.

Thin lips are unfortunately often associated with a mean appearance. Yet, in youth, the queen displayed fulsome lips that imparted the appearance and impression of a welcoming warmth.

As is the case with many females, it can be seen that the Queen displayed in her the late 40’s (corresponding to an approaching menopause and diminished circulating hormones) a time of accelerated involutional changes. Intervention at this stage is very important and modern women have become very much aware of this.

Expert advice and treatment with minimally invasive procedures can maintain the youthful allure and warmth that underpins attractiveness. Our experience is that patients are generally ecstatic with the outcomes of minimally invasive interventions. Our intention is rejuvenate with naturally beautiful outcomes while avoiding an “operated on” appearance.