Interviewed in the June edition of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine:

“There comes a time when you’ll have to choose between your rhymes-with-farce and your face, so the saying goes. That time is now, as the next big thing in facial filling doesn’t gel with single-digit body fat. ‘Autologous fat transfer facial filling’ uses fat from one part of your body – liposucked out of your butt, thighs, abdomen or jowls – to plump up your face.

“It’s rich in stem cells, fortified with autologous blood derived growth factors.
The results can be breathtaking with long lasting youthful re-contouring and scarless outcomes,” says Cosmetica cosmetic physician Dr Ronald Feiner. The bonus is an improvement in overlying skin. But chicken breast dieters beware: “In slender patients without body fat (and always for cases of lip enhancement) commercial fillers remain the mainstay of treatment.”

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