"Jowl Trowel" Treatment of Adjacent Tissues to Correct Jowls

One of the most challenging problems in aesthetic surgery has been how to treat the development of lower face jowls. There has been no successful localised surgery invented to directly address this issue. Face lifting attempts to pull the jowl outwards towards the lower ear but this does result in a rather stretched and anatomically incorrect appearance.

It should be appreciated that in the lower third of the face there is a volumetric loss of bone, muscle, fat and skin. This creates the so called  pre-jowl sulcus which may by subtraction represent the impression of a neighbouring and detested jowl as seen in this ageing rock icon.

However are we seeing true jowls or just deficient tissues adjacent to the jowl? Certainly it is logical to re-volumise this area with biological fillers-what I have termed “jowl trowelling”.

Perioral Diagram

Below is a commercial photo of successful treatment with a filler of the pre-jowl sulcus-jowl gone!