Leg Veins

The cooler months intensify demand for treatment of leg veins and winter 2011 is no exception. Most patients are unaware that the problem is caused by leaky venous valves in leg veins that fail to contain the pooling of venous blood fed by gravity. This is an predominately an inherited problem although exacerbated by pregnancies, standing occupations and several other associated factors.
For the past few years injection sclerotherapy rather than surgery is the treatment of choice. This is a good thing as it is a far more tolerable and indeed far less risky. Although strong compression stockings need to be worn for about 7 days post treatment, patients can resume a relatively normal life immediately after treatment. I have been injecting veins for for over 20 years now. Below is a link to a video of treatment with sclero-foam which we use on occasions to optimise the treatment effect. It is fascinating to observe how one injection can treat an area of interconnected veins for some 3-4 cm diameter.