Medical Aesthetics Incorporated

With the growth of corporate medical cosmetic clinics expanding dramatically here in Australia, one reads with surprise that in California USA (that epicentre of cosmetic surgery) regulations on who can own and run a medical clinic are quite tough.

For example regarding the “Corporate Practice of Medicine” :

The following types of medical practice ownership and operating structures also are prohibited:

  • Non-physicians owning or operating a business that offers patient evaluation, diagnosis, care and/or treatment.
  • Physician(s) operating a medical practice as a limited liability company, a limited liability partnership, or a general corporation.
  • Management service organizations arranging for, advertising, or providing medical services rather than only providing administrative staff and services for a physician’s medical practice (non-physician exercising controls over a physician’s medical practice, even where physicians own and operate the business).
  • A physician acting as “medical director” when the physician does not own the practice. For example, a business offering spa treatments that include medical procedures such as Botox injections, laser hair removal, and medical microdermabrasion, that contracts with or hires a physician as its “medical director.”


Apparently here in Australia non-medical entrepreneur owned cosmetic surgery chains are enjoying great financial success.

Discerning patients should always reflect upon the issues of ethical care and management in treatment delivery in any potential clinical experience and  perhaps take a keen interest in who owns and operates a medical clinic before committing to a medical cosmetic procedure.