Mid-Face Lift Surgery or Injectable Fillers?

A Mid-Face lift performed surgically is a logical method to elevate cheeks that have fallen with aging. Some nice outcomes with surgery can be seen in the following video link:

However surgery is relatively expensive, risky and invasive. Similar outcomes can often be achieved without  invasive surgery by  injecting a medley of modern fillers into the upper cheek (Malar) regions. These are safe, non-invasive “in-office” procedures.
This can be improved further (if required) by “in-office” per-cutaneous “suture” lifts. A firmly anchored per-cutaneous (through the skin) suture lift method with pleasing outcomes is very effective in well suited patients. The most challenging issue is good patient selection as not all procedures are suited to every patient. Each treatment must be customised-no fixed menu here!

                     Scarlett Johansson looks so beautiful with generous but natural looking cheek aesthetics.