Mind the Gap!

A recent article in a health,wealth & lifestyle magazine sent out to medicos (available online) has highlighted the “very large gap” between actual cosmetic surgery in a hospital and treatments in a beauty salon. The article proposes that the gap is being filled by “specialist” clinics staffed by an overseeing doctor, nurse injectors and laser technicians. The article suggests that this is the business model for the ‘gap” created by an expanding market. It seems that this type of business model will also be available in franchise form.

The alternative to this model can be appreciated by noting the numerous private clinician owned and operated clinics that have successfully functioned and have indeed been very popular for over a decade now.
These established clinics generally have one fundamental and very important principle and that is the reassurance that the person actually administering the treatment is the trusted medico (or a practitioner very closely supervised by the medico). Discerning patients may care to ponder whether a franchise business model can morph from concepts such as a fashion house or Gloria Jean’s or McDonald’s into cosmetic medical clinics. Perhaps!
But it should be borne in mind we are not talking about selling garments, coffees or hamburgers here.
Mind the gap!