Multiple 9 Yearly Facelifts-?Acceptable Contemporary ProceduralAesthetics??

I was surprised today to read about a study extolling the virtues of 2nd & even 3rd facelifts after the first lift being performed in the patients’ early 50s. Each facelift lasted some 9 years. In the era of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures it is extraordinary that some plastic surgeons should view this as an acceptable treatment plan . The reality is that patients usually develop an “operated on” appearance even after the initial facelift. Recurrent radical procedures in this way are in my view inconsistent with modern aesthetic principles & expectations. However it should be appreciated that plastic surgeons are unlikely to surrender their scalpels while patients can be convinced that such a radical approach to facial rejuvenation is in their best interests.
In fact we have now followed up patients for up to 10 years who, despite the passage of time, appear more beautiful than they did before using only minimally invasive procedures with natural outcomes.