"Muscle Relaxant" Injections-The WOW factor

Beautiful Lashes
With judicious application really pleasing aesthetic outcomes are possible with “muscle relaxant” injections and are these injections are always very popular at our clinic. Although muscle relaxant injections do not achieve anything like a face lift, the wrinkles around the eye can be improved, the frown lines relaxed with the eyes rendered more open and engaging in appearance. Actually there are many nice tricks with muscle relaxants to make the face more appealing but it does take a lot of time and experience to get the technique right and correctly tailored to suite the individual patient. As my talented colleague Dr.Naomi McCullum  writes on her great website, treatments must be “bespoke”.
There are of course limitations as to what can be achieved with this agent alone. They should be part of an aesthetic treatment plan that may include fillers, lifts, laser treatments and of course good home based skin care management. 

Outside cosmetic treatments “muscle relaxant” injections have been perhaps  a little hastily lauded as the new “cure-all” therapy in medicine. For example a well constructed recent study of these agents in the treatment of neck induced headaches was not supportive of a true benefit.

In cosmetic facial treatment there is no doubt about treatment efficacy if injected well and in the appropriate patient.