Non-Surgical "Nose Job"

We have encountered many patients over the years who have been despondent about the unsatisfactory outcomes of their invasive cosmetic nasal surgery (Cosmetic Rhinoplasty).
In fact I have formed the view that invasive rhinoplasty surgery should be reserved for defects that are not treatable with minimally invasive methods, as the risk/side effect profile of surgical rhinoplasty is significant enough to warrant caution. According to the literature, the complication rate varies from 4-18.8% and that correlates with my own impression

I have linked as below to a Y-Tube feature on non-surgical rhinoplasty that is called “Rinolook”. From what I can observe this appears to be a trade marked system of nasal filler injections to fill between trough defects and the results are excellent.

Trade marking medical procedures has become a bit of a trend and one that implies exclusivity.
However along with some other Australian colleagues I have been using various non-surgical methods  including fillers to correct nasal defects for some years now with many very pleasing outcomes.
Compared to invasive surgical rhinoplasty there are added benefits of reduced costs, relatively minimal risk and downtime.