Peri-Oral Wrinkles

Women are understandably very conscious of wrinkles that develop around the mouth (perioral region) with ageing. Much is written about filler injections for these wrinkles. However in truth very little can be achieved with filler injections in this region as there is no available natural tissue layer for the filler to be placed. To gain an understanding of this concept place an index fingertip inside the mouth and oppose it with the thumb tip on the skin at the side of the mouth. You will readily appreciate that there is very little tissue between the finger and thumb and what is there consists of skin on muscle with almost no fat between them. This is not the case in the upper cheeks (malar region) or lips where an ideal potential space for filling naturally exists. That is why injection of fillers is so effective in these regions and conversely relatively ineffective around the mouth.

To enhance the lower face there is nothing that matches lip fillers injections. Lips are expanded, youthfully re-contoured and importantly lines/wrinkles around the mouth are automatically improved.
Some modest injecting of naso-labial and marionette lines/folds can be performed at the same time as lip injection if necessary. However the stand-out beautification will be as a result the lip filler injection.
esthelis before and after nasolabial folds and lips
                                                              photos courtesy of Anteis