"Reputation Is Everything" & the Magic of the Multipotent Stem Cell in Fat.

When I commenced in this field of minimally invasive facial rejuvenation some medical colleagues remarked: “aren’t you frightened of treating faces in case something goes wrong?”
The answer was then and remains: that I am not frightened but do take I take my work very seriously.

Without any disrespected intended it should be understood that  an aesthetic facial procedure is not a visit to hairdresser or beauty salon. A salon is not the appropriate setting for medical procedures for many reasons including hygiene, safety and ready access to effective medications and equipment.

Unintended complications can even happen with injected fillers yet many patients (along with some injectors) fail to properly appreciate these risks.

This week alone I have consulted 3 patients from other clinics with persistent and unsightly facial lumps after a certain fillers were poorly injected. These injectors failed to respect anatomy and also failed to appreciate the complexities of facial aesthetic treatment.

The best advice is to seek out a practitioner with a good reputation and to generally avoid medical treatments in salons. Also a caution about procedures in  high turnover entrepreneur operated clinics where a sweat shop environment prevails and good outcomes are viewed in terms of financial success rather than pleasing results.

On a positive note this latest report confirms an impression that many fat grafting doctors have observed for years-that something in fat not only improves the appearance but also skin (and even scars in certain situations). We now know the magic ingredient is the mulitpotent stem cell.