Skin Peels, Laser, Vitamin A and Skin Rejuvenation

When I commenced cosmetic practice in 1999 one of the first skills I acquired was chemical peeling for facial skin rejuvenation. Glycolic and TCA peels were the vogue and the results often pleasing. Beauticians now perform a variety of peels with good effect and I personally  feel happy to leave this work to these beauty professionals. However what I have found in practice is that home based daily applications of Vitamin A rich topical creams (combined with cosmetic skin roller needling if necessary) give absolutely remarkable skin rejuvenation outcomes with diligent long term use. For the most part chemical peels become unnecessary. Such an approach is very cost effective for patients.

Vitamin A also mitigates against skin cancer when used over time, so this is a very valuable added benefit.

I am so impressed with the Vitamin A topicals like AVST ( and skin needle rollers (as devised and invented by Cape Town South African plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes)
that in most cases treatments by fractionated laser treatment for skin rejuvenation are frequently rendered unnecessary. It should be appreciated that even after laser resurfacing for skin rejuvenation a long term home based skin care regimen is essential to maintain healthy youthful skin.
So patients can  save a lot of pain, downtime, risk and money by adhering to a daily regimen of high standard home based skin care and always sensible sun protection.