The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) Liposuction Workshops – May 2013, Sydney

According to our Regen  representative, we probably performed the first PRP enhanced fat graft (extracting abdominal fat and transfer grafting it into the face) in Australia and actually videoed that event. We did not fully appreciate the exciting future of this development in facial aesthetic enhancement practice.

I had the pleasure of participating as one of  four trainers at the ACCS Liposuction Workshops event last weekend

My fellow trainer colleagues Dr. Soo-Keat Lim, Dr. Sarojini Nair
& Dr Ralph Bright  are masters in this field of work. It was a great pleasure to work with them, passing on our collective  experience to enthusiastic doctors from a variety of medical craft groups eager to introduce these techniques into their own practices. The trainees were of a very high standard and included general surgeons, neurosurgeon, facio-maxillary surgeon, breast cancer surgeon and medical generalists.

Dr. Bright is also a respected expert in the clinical application of adipose derived (i.e. from fat) Stem cells and platelet derived (i.e. from blood) growth factors. His insights into this brave new world are fascinating and reinforce our own intuitive perceptions about the value of both fat reduction by liposculpture and fat transfer grafting for facial rejuvenation.

Among many interesting topics Dr. Bright explained how fat, being full of stem cells, is important for immunity and how successfully grafted fat improves the tissues into which it has been injected.

As an aesthetic injectable filler it is amazingly bioactive in function  in contrast to comparatively inert commercial filler products. Injected fat not only has the propensity to improve facial contours but also improves the adjacent tissues and overlying skin.

“Stem cells and stem cell therapy have been surrounded by myth and magic. As we have learnt more about stem cells and their use fact has begun to replace Myth. At Macquarie Stem Cells for many years we have been moving fat and all the cells it contains around the body (Fat transfer).”


This rich cocktail of cells is known as the Stromal Vascular Fraction (adipose-SVF cells) also contains many growth factors and cytokines. The adipose-SVF cells when grafted into a new location will aid in repair and regeneration of the tissue in their new location. Vast numbers of these cells are available in fat and we routinely transfer hundreds of millions of these cells for each patient.”
Dr Bright writes “stem cells release anti-inflammatory messengers, called cytokines, that have an effect on the entire system.”

Dr Bright referred to the pivotal work of Dr. Patricia Zuk on Adipose Derived Stem Cells-amazing reading!