Trending in 2020

Trending in 2020 will see patients demanding more natural and harmonised facial outcomes. There will be a focus on enhancing noses, foreheads, jawlines, chins, necks and temples.

Invasive facial surgery will continue to decline as women seek out innovative scarless innovations.

Patients continue to desire a more beautiful and rejuvenated appearance. It is often a very emotional experience for patients when they recaptured youthful beauty after a brief and relatively non- traumatic medical procedure.

With contemporary minimally-invasive surgical aesthetics, we can offer patients an opportunity to experience natural enhanced appearance without major risk and downtime. The objective is not to alter the appearance of a person to make them look unrecognisable, but to recapture the patient’s inherent youthful features.

2020 will be a year when patients appreciate, more than ever, that beautiful natural outcomes are achievable with minimally invasive procedures.

While some doctors “dabble” in cosmetic procedures as a sideline to their usual activities, patients have come to appreciate that a trained, dedicated cosmetic practitioner professional knows how to avoid major risks, while excelling in creating beautiful aesthetic outcomes.