Upper Eyelid Reduction-"Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes….".

I see many cases of post upper eyelid reduction during my clinical week and find myself analysing post surgical outcomes. Some cases have merit with sparking natural results. Other cases demonstrate overly operated-on features such as hollowed out orbits and ridiculously manufactured and unnaturally high positioned lid creases. There is very little chance that these silly, unaesthetic outcomes can be corrected. As a general rule the patient’s naturally positioned eyelid crease should be retained and redundant tissue above resected while allowing the eyelids to close in order to maintain corneal protection. Ideal outcomes are natural sparkling eyes. The big bonus is that future botulinum toxin injections are enhanced dramatically after successful upper eyelid reduction. There is much synergy in our minimally invasive cosmetic treatments which may explain why “less is truly more”in our craft.