Veins, Veins and more Veins

Injection sclerotherapy of legs veins runs hot here in the winter months. While I love doing veins I don’t know how some injectors do this all day every day. 
The vast majority of the veins we see respond well to these injections. The veins take several months to fully respond to sclerotherapy, so to look good for the summer months it is necessary to have treatment before the end of September. Nevertheless I seem to treat veins all year long. 
The treatments are tolerated very well by patients and although strong compression stockings need to be worn for up to 1 week during the day, patients can return to normal life (but no gym work for 1 week).
In selected cases I have been using “foamed” sclerotherapy solution for some years now. This upgrades the potency of the sclerosant solution and allows us to achieve improved outcomes for more extensive cases.
While surgery still has a place in treatment cosmetically unsightly veins rarely require surgery these days.