V>W=F (Volume creation more than wrinkle treatment =Femininity)

Attended 2 presentations in Sydney in the last week on injectables

Excellent presenters Dr. Danny Vleggar (Switzerland) & Dr Glenn Murray (Perth) while demonstrating different injectable products both focused on Volumisation in preference to Wrinkle treatments in modern aesthetic facial rejuvenation.
This trend to volumise rather than to “chase” wrinkles is completely correct in my opinion and is certainly  reflected in the wonderful outcomes achieved by informed cosmetic aesthetic practitioners.
In this regard the disappointing outcomes we frequently witness with formal radical face lift outcomes are founded on the erroneous objective of stretching the face (achieving wrinkle reduction) rather than creating aesthetic contours. We frequently see patients who have spent near $20,000 on face lifting with unnatural and rather “de-contoured” faces who require their faces aesthetically “re-contoured” with appropriate fillers. They leave the clinic generally delighted with their feminising outcomes. A few have stated I had the wrong procedure having a face lift?? We try to be diplomatic!