Weird Therapies and Procedures

Fringe if not bizarre cosmetic procedures abound, with questionable professional ethics only matched by gullibility of some patients.

Women considering genital enhancement surgery should first consult the following paper just published online:
 A short excerpt from this article follows:   Women and Genital Cosmetic Surgery. Women’s Health Issues Paper No. 9, February 2013 Page 1 © Women’s Health Victoria

9.1 Reduced sensation

It is ‘not yet understood exactly how labia minora engorgement during sexual arousal may be involved in sexual pleasure and how labia removal might affect this’4. However, there is evidence to suggest that female genital cosmetic surgery involves removal of tissue that may contribute to sensory sexual arousal28, 66, and is likely to interfere with innervation and sensation in the genital area10, 34, 66, 67. The outcomes of genital surgeries suggest decreased enjoyment of being caressed, impaired arousal and lubrication, and an inability to reach orgasm12, 36.

There is a particular risk of providing female genital cosmetic surgery to younger women who may not fully understand the implications for their future sexual lives
68. Genital surgery during adolescence risks damaging sensitive genital tissue and may require reoperation68 if puberty is incomplete. The risk associated with operating too early in a woman’s development is highlighted in the case of a ten-year-old pre-pubescent girl who underwent one procedure on her left labia minora and, nine months later, had the same operation on her right labia minora. The surgeons themselves reflected that ‘in retrospect we feel that she could have had both operations after puberty’32.

There is no information to demonstrate how female genital cosmetic surgeries will impact on childbirth