About The Procedure

Treatment Objective

Improved sense of feminine health through a reduction in urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity, enhanced appearance, sensation and sexual response all achieved without surgery.

The Treatment Experience

Once the patient is comfortable on the treatment bed, a small device is placed on each vaginal region for 3-5 minutes: the left and right labia and the top, bottom, left and right surfaces of the vaginal wall. Total treatment time takes about 30 minutes. A complete course of therapy consists of three treatments at an interval of approximately one month. Most clients described the treatment as pleasant and very comfortable. You are able to resume all activity, including sexual intercourse after each treatment.

The heat sensation that slowly builds as the device is moved in a sweeping motion over each area is close to that of the heat sensation of a warm hot water bottle on the target tissues.

The constant motion also helps to create a very comfortable treatment. Significant improvement can be seen in improved moistness and comfort, stress urinary incontinence, and orgasmic dysfunction, complaints of vaginal dryness and appearance.

Some tightening results are appreciable within days of the first treatment but the full outcome takes a few months to fully manifest. Outcomes last 9 to 12 months before a touch-up may be required.

Depending individual biological response, patients may require an additional treatment once a year if necessary to maintain the benefit.

Who Benefits From ThermiVa?

Women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are all appropriate patients particularly if experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Sneezing or stressful activity causes urine leakage and/or urinary urgency (inability to hold on to urine)
  • Poor orgasmic response
  • Vaginal dryness and discomfort during intercourse.
  • Obligatory wearing of panty liners on a daily basis – just to catch that tiny bit of urine.
  • Vaginal laxity or looseness known as “Vaginal Relaxation” syndrome.
  • Poor or reduced friction between you and your partner when you have sex.

Genital Appearance

  • ThermiVa tighten labial tissues (nonsurgical labiaplasty). This reduces sagging and firms up the area for a more youthful appearance and the possibility of wearing tight clothing, such as jeans and leggings.

Sexual function

  • It will tighten the vaginal canal for heightened sexual sensation for the patient and partner. Patients report that they have experience improved orgasmic function.
  • It can increase nerve sensitivity so you feel more.
  • It can increase the strength of pelvic floor contractions.
  • Vaginal lubrication is improved for softer and thicker vulvovaginal skin.
  • ThermiVa treatments can lead to a higher level of self confidence.

General function

  • It can correct mild to moderate stress incontinence or over-active bladder avoiding embarrassing accidents.
  • Tightening of vulva-vaginal tissues results in an increase in tightness of the prolapsed organs (specifically the bladder, uterus, vagina, small bowel and rectum). Scientific research has proven that you may experience an improvement in prolapse by one grade, making it unnecessary to undergo reconstructive surgery.

How does it work?

ThermiVa® is a technologically advanced device in the shape of a handheld probe in the shape of an “S”. This smooth probe delivers controlled thermal radiofrequency energy directly to the areas you’d like to improve. You can choose the external genitalia, specifically the labia, and/or the internal genitalia, specifically the vaginal canal. The thermal energy delivered boosts collagen production, promoting its remodeling in both areas.