Body Liposculpture

Liposculpture (originally called liposuction – a more limiting term) describes the process of using long hollow probes (cannulas) with a small opening near the end to remove fat.

This effectively re-contours or “sculpts” regions areas proving resistant to weight loss. The objective is to restore aesthetic shape. Liposculpture also encompasses such techniques as fat transfer grafting to areas of fat loss commonly in the cheeks and the back of the hands.

Dr. Feiner uses the Liposculpture technique as taught to him by the legendary Parisian cosmetic surgeon Dr. Pierre Fournier. The technique requires the use of relatively narrow gauge instruments and controlled suction, rather than using large bore cannulas.

Additionally, the procedure is performed purely under the control of tumescent local anaesthetic infiltration (called Klein’s type formulae) into the area to be treated.

Liposculpture should not be viewed as an alternative to normal weight loss, the objective being one of contour shape correction of excessive fat deformities.

The technique is demanding for the surgeon but what we attempt to achieve for the patient is a pleasing natural result with normalisation of commonly resistant contour deformities.

Dr Feiner now performs liposculpture procedures limited to small areas.

He is especially known for his work in neck liposculpture and fat transfer graft rejuvenation.