Facial Suspension By Sutures & Threads

One of the most exciting innovations in contemporary cosmetic surgery is facial suspension or lifting using stitch anchored or tiny barbed self-anchoring sutures. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic infiltration through small incisions or tiny needle puncture entry. There are many variations and combinations of technique. We often combine different techniques to suit the individual. Suture suspension procedures are also “modular”, being readily added to in future years as the person continues to age.

Unlike a traditional face-lift, skin is not excised and usually no incision scar is visible in front of the ear. While some traditional face-lifts do achieve a natural result with excellent scars, many leave the face with skin that falls unnaturally, anchored by the scar in front of the ear. The scar can widen and thicken in some patients and the face can develop an altered, wind swept appearance.

The suture suspension procedure is not suitable for patients with a lot of excess skin. In this situation the best option is a traditional face-lift. However some of our more mature patients have benefited from a suture suspension procedure.