Varicose Veins Treatment By Injection Sclerotherapy

Another exciting innovation in the field of cosmetic medical procedures is injection sclerotherapy. Many doctors now feel that varicose veins surgery is almost obsolete. Most veins previously considered to be only treatable by surgical excision are now amenable to correction by injection sclerotherapy. At this clinic, in addition to direct vision sclerotherapy, we perform ultrasound guided injection sclerotherapy (UGS) for major varicose veins. All sclerotherapy treatments do not require local anaesthesia and are performed as an ambulant procedure – in simple terms “walk in walk out”.

Prescribed compression stockings may need to be worn for 1 week during the day. However the patient returns to normal activities on the day of the procedure or by the following day. Final results are not fully evident for 3-6 months. Some very minor thread type veins can be treated with our vascular laser.