After the final ThermiVa treatment you are likely you are likely to notice the following outcomes*:

  • More youthful looking labial tissues with a reduction in excessive labial structures.
  • Tightening of the vagina with healthier vaginal tissues with reduction of bladder leakage (Stress/urge incontinence).
  • Often patients experience an significant improvement in tissue sensitivity, lubrication and resistance to vaginitis. Many patients report an improvement in orgasmic function.

* While positive outcomes are pleasingly common, a person’s own distinctive biological function precludes a definite positive outcome for all patients.

ThermiVa Case Studies

Warning! Female genitalia photos are shown below.

The cases reflect our own case outcomes demonstrating excellent rejuvenation of both the Labia Majora  and Labia Minora. The Labial tissues can be seen to be healthier, firmer, well moisturised and better aligned. These positive changes to the ThermiVa treated external genitalia reflect the same excellent rejuvenating features experienced by patients to the  genital tissues of the vaginal canal. Firming of the vaginal canal with much improved bladder support are commonly experienced,  reversing tendency to stress and urge urinary incontinence. The internal genital tissues also  benefit from improved moisturisation and sensitivity.